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Hockey Club of St. Louis Mission Statement

Hockey Club of Saint Louis’ (HCSTL) purpose is to pass down our Club’s passion for the greatest game in the world to the next generation of players. We will do this through proper instruction, positive influence, and disciplined approaches to player development. The result is the ability to provide HCSTL players with innovative resources at earlier ages, increasing the probability of sustained success in the future. 

HCSTL was founded in 2019, with the goal of enhancing our community’s youth hockey experience by providing a full ice training program with no geographical restrictions. Each birth year will be managed by a highly dedicated & qualified coaching staff to provide our players with the resources necessary to become an elite, Tier 1 hockey player, in the future.

HCSTL should be viewed as a supplement to our players’ ADM training at the 6u and 8u levels. We provide a safe, disciplined, fun and competitive environment for all of our players. 

HCSTL’s value proposition is consistent across all birth years with unparalleled transparency amongst our board and coaching staff(s). The focus of HCSTL is the development of our players, first and foremost. Collectively, HCSTL will constantly evolve our processes to ensure we provide players with forward-looking and innovative ways to effectively develop their skills.

Areas of focus are:

·      Skating with purpose, utilizing the full length of the ice

·      Procuring coaches with extensive coaching and playing backgrounds

·      5:1 player to coach ratio

·      Practice preparation that is well-thought out and planned, based on the group’s need. Nothing is scripted. Each birth year’s coaches have full autonomy of their team, with unlimited resources amongst the Club’s current and previous coaches.

·      Consistent and objective evaluation of our players and their development. Assessment to occur on a regular basis, to ensure the perpetual improvement of our players.

·      Transparent evaluation processes for prospective and returning players

·      Provide each birth year with consistency and a positive learning environment

HCSTL is unique and the first Program of its kind in St. Louis. Through the focus and commitment of our players, current coaches, prior coaches, and board members, HCSTL is the premier program for 6U and 8U players in St. Louis.  

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