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By _, 01/21/21, 2:30PM CST



Thank you all for taking part in our evaluation camp for The Hockey Club of St. Louis (HCofSTL).  It was incredible to have 99 players participate!  This turnout continued to confirm our vision that St. Louis needs such a program.

Our coaches had some very tough decisions to make which is the hardest part of being a coach.  Below you will see a list of names that are invited back for the third evaluation on Friday Sept. 18.  On Saturday, we will send out another email with the players that will be invited back to the final evaluation on Sunday Sept. 20.  

For Friday, please remember to bring back the number that you were given this past Friday at the first evaluation.  Also, please check in to see what color jersey your player will be wearing.  

The following 2012 players are invited back to the third evaluation: 

  • Alex Smith
  • Beckham Rohr
  • Benjamin Sehnert
  • Braden Schaub
  • Bronson Peel
  • Carson Kramer
  • Chase Lanfersick
  • Connor Sliefert
  • Crew Mayers
  • Davison Scales
  • Devin Fisher
  • Dominic Parrott
  • Hudson Crnko
  • Jack Suftko-Odman
  • Kyle Dwivedy
  • Lankin Cullen
  • Louis Hlinka
  • Patrick DeCicco
  • Richard Von Glahn
  • Stanley Collett
  • Sutton Jacoby
  • Tripp Landy
  • William Schoeck
  • Jacob Young
  • August Meyer
  • Ben Bartling
  • Mason Kinsey
  • Miles Nadaud
  • Patrick Petersen
  • Mac Johnston
  • Zachary McCormick
  • Christopher Seago


All 2012 goalies are invited back as well. 


The following 2013 players are invited back to the third evaluation: 

  • Alex Zerega
  • Andrew Doyle
  • Bradley Robinson
  • Brady Macklin
  • Chase Chambers
  • Chase Weinhaus
  • Eli Martin
  • Jackson Franklin
  • Jackson Lowery
  • Jaden Lowery
  • John Zaegel
  • Kaleb Petrov
  • Levi James
  • Luna Ramey
  • Logan Boston
  • Tucker Swetnam
  • Walter Ferguson
  • Brooks Goldwasser
  • Christopher Collins
  • Elliot Dodson
  • Gavin Rosen
  • Griffin Walter
  • Parker Mulvenna
  • Luca Robson
  • Michael Rottler
  • Parker Clukies
  • Reid Hames
  • Robert Schenk
  • Ryan Pitcher
  • Sam Olive
  • William Ravensberg
  • Wyatt Tessier
  • Jacoby Hercules
  • Keegan Kizer
  • Mason Wiggers
  • Reed Wilkerson


For the 2012s, evaluation dates and times are as follows:

  • September 18 6:40-7:40pm 
  • September 20 4:40-5:40pm


For the 2013’s, evaluation dates and times are as follows:

  • September 18 5:30-6:30pm
  • September 20 3:30-4:30pm


Thank you for your continued interest in the Hockey Club of St. Louis.


Board of Directors

Hockey Club of St. Louis